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Brooke-Sidney's love for books and writing began when she was only 4 years old. A young reader, she was often found curled up with a book. Books were her friends and she would spend days and nights reading, even using a flashlight to read a book during bedtime.  

Although well-meaning, Brooke-Sidney grew up with a father who told her that she couldn't make a living off writing and that smart little girls find serious jobs like being a lawyer or businesswoman. So, instead of passionately following her book dreams, her life always had two tracks. One lane was focused on her passion - writing, media, journalism, and stories. And the other lane was focused on so-called practical and serious things - law and business.

As a result of this childhood messaging, Brooke-Sidney managed to simultaneously pursue her passions. She graduated from Duke University with two bachelor degrees in Political Science and Women's Studies (an English and Comparative Literature degree) as well as a certificate in Markets & Management from the Fuqua School of Business. She was also a Duke In Oxford Scholar and studied US & British Tort Law at Oxford University in England.

She spent over ten years in the marketing and media industry working her way up from a National Executive Trainee Associate to an Advertising Sales Representative to a Marketing Associate turned Marketing Manager to an Advertising Manager to an Interactive Media Director. Each position bringing additional skills, expertise, management, and responsibility. 

Her writing and communication abilities were recognized when she was hand-selected to receive a full scholarship and stipend from the prestigious University of Southern California - Annenberg School of Communications & Journalism. At USC, she received a Master’s Degree in Journalism with a Broadcast emphasis. After graduation, she received a prestigious Carnegie & Knight News21 Fellowship to write stories on the California Delta water crisis. 

Immediately following graduate school, Brooke-Sidney entered Loyola Law School. During her legal education, she combined her love of journalism and pursuit of law in her role as the Editor-In-Chief of the Entertainment Law Review. Until recently, this editing role has been her absolute favorite job. 

Now, Brooke-Sidney feels blessed to have the ability to truly live her dreams of writing and helping others write their books, while living a life among the powerful messages contained inside a book cover. She lives to ensure that talented writers and authors with a powerful message fully pursue their dreams of making their written words come to life. 

Her personal reading favorites and self-taught expertise includes spiritual, personal development, and self-help books. And it is her complete pleasure to work with author-clients on their messages in these areas. 

As a result of her background and skills, Brooke-Sidney's clients receive a unique, one-of-a-kind experience whenever they work with her. All of her signature services are completed with the use of meditation, visioning, and intuitive listening honed through her years of listening to clients in the business, media and legal worlds as well as her training as a yoga and mindfulness meditation teacher.

Brooke-Sidney's clients also benefit from her journalism training through her powerful ability to ask the right questions, listen thoroughly and intuitively, structure a story correctly and quickly, edit powerfully, and bring out the heart of the message (no burying the lede). 

And finally, her clients benefit from her attorney skills and legal background which bring a highly discerning eye, masterful outlining and structuring, and the ability to see multiple sides to any story. 

Even though her path to becoming a powerfully transformative author coach, ghostwriter, and copyeditor wasn't a straight one, Brooke-Sidney is confident that her life was designed specifically to serve her clients on the deepest level and bring their consciousness changing, spiritual and personal development messages to life. 

When Brooke-Sidney is not helping authors change the world with their powerful stories, you can find her hanging out with her favorite little guy (her son), doing yoga, relaxing at the beach, or teaching mindfulness meditation. 

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