My mission is to help authors, coaches, entrepreneurs and creatives bring spiritually powerful messages to life with magic, sparkles and ease.  


Don’t struggle with writing your book. Instead, experience a highly-enjoyable and transformative experience. 

If you are looking for a writing and book partner who understands your "why," can speak your spiritual or transformational language, intuitively listens and understands, and is equally passionate about bringing consciousness changing messages to life -- then, I invite you to apply to work with me. 

Check out my signature services below. 


All of these signature services are delivered with a unique (one-of-a-kind) spiritual, meditative, and transformative approach and experience to bring out the best in the writer and the body of work. 



This service is designed for the author who would like a book to deliver their transformative message but doesn’t want to actually write it. Through a series of interviews, meetings and/or author furnished materials, I will gather all the information to flesh out the book concept, create the book outline, develop chapters, and do all the writing.

The process is highly interactive and can take approximately 3 months to a year+ depending upon the book length, complexity of project, and schedules. 



THINK: Coach + Writing Partner + Developmental Editor 

This highly interactive service assists authors with their book from concept to completion. 

My signature program includes one-of-a-kind and highly individualized meditation and visioning sessions to assist with ideas and writing your first draft. 

Additional services include accountability, as well as organizational and structural development (i.e, book outline, flow of the chapters), and copyediting (as an additional service). After our first call, you will leave with a strategy to bring your book to life! 



THINK: Deep Dive

This service provides a significant level of writing help for a manuscript. This level of editing often requires significant or drastic changes to the original manuscript. Portions of the manuscript may be rewritten if needed. Additionally, there may be organizational and structural changes.  

This service is often needed for people who need writing assistance, experiencing difficulty with organization, as well as people for whom English is a second language. 

Special attention is paid to the entire flow of the manuscript; structural issues; and ensuring the message is clear on the level of paragraphs, chapters, and entire manuscript. 



THINK: Clarity + Completion + Consistent + Correct + Concise Language, Voice and Message

This level of editing reviews sentence and paragraph structure, replaces repetitive words and synonyms, eliminates redundant words, and substitutes weak words, phrases, and sentences with alternatives that deliver more impact or are more relevant to your subject matter. 

This review also ensures a consistent tone and voice. 



THINK: Clarifying and Illuminating Your Unique Voice

This editing service is often included in both a developmental or a standard copyedit. This service is often called line editing because it occurs at the sentence level.

This level of editing pays special attention to the author’s unique voice and the book’s tone.  Detailed attention will be paid to clarifying meaning, eliminating jargon and clichés, ensuring the language flows, and is consistent with your unique style. Attention is also given to the syntax and how the sentence will sound or the ease of reading for the book’s audience.



For previous clients or highly selective projects only

THINK: Final set of eyes.

This level of editing is customarily the last round of editing.

This service will check grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, verb tense, and pronouns. It also ensures consistency with spacing, headers, and formatting.



THINK: Quick + Intensive Strategy For Writing and Book Breakthroughs

Are you stuck on your book's organization? Are you having trouble writing your book? Do you need help fleshing out your book concept? Is your author voice weak or missing from your manuscript? Or do you not know what is wrong but sense there is an element missing from your book? 

At this moment, you realize that with a powerful strategy or infusion of creativity and vision, you will be fully equipped to complete your transformational book. 

If any of these scenarios, sound like you, then you may be the perfect client for a VIP Intensive session. After an initial consultation (application required), we will spend 3-4 hours workshopping your book. And you will leave with your questions answered, inspired, and with a full strategy for book completion!